Stoffa Bees Bees

  • Description

    Reusable food packaging.

    1 bees bees cloth is equivalent to 20 rolls of transparent food film.

    All cloths are fully recyclable and last up to 360 days.

    The packaging includes 3 cloths:

    • 1 cloth 20 x 20
    • 1 cloth 25 x 25
    • 1 cloth 30 x 30
  • Ingredients

    Cotton, beeswax, pure pine resin, jojoba oil.

  • How To Use

    How can you use it?

    Wrap the food or place the packaging on the edges of the container you want to close, with the warmth of your hands you will activate the beeswax which will naturally help you shape the packaging and hygienically seal the food you prefer

    How can you reuse it?

    If dirty, use 20 cc of Superconcentrate or rinse it under cold water with a little Dishes Citrus and Dishwasher Cedro, it's very simple, convenient and fast

    Where do we not recommend using it?

    Please! do not use it in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, take care of your bees bess 3 stuffs

  • What Replace

    It replaces traditional disposable daily accessories, with non-reusable and non-biodegradable volatile chemical compounds, microplastics, oils, fats and soaps that end up in the sea through our discharges, endangering marine fauna and the environment.

  • Where To Throw It

    Code: Pack in PAP22

    Destination Disposal: Unsorted or Organic

    Check with your country or with the rubbish collection dept. for the correct disposal of this material.

Tree Values

  • Jojoba oil, pine resin, beeswax a vegetable triumph on a piece of fabric
  • Always fresh food the mix of plant extracts allows for safer and longer-lasting conservation
  • Reusable, forget the disposable film, the 3 fabrics are easily washable with Citrus Plates or Cedro Dishwasher and cold water
  • Biodegradable, if used at the top you can even exceed the year as a use eh yeah..
  • Lots of Bontanicals patterns, lots of color, and lots of joy in the kitchen

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