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We have thought of a new way of experiencing the care and beauty of the home.

Whether you are experiencing a change, a new life or simply you are facing the care and cleaning of the house for the first time, we are with you and we will always be there.

We devised Tree ECO FRIENDLY BOX and revolutionized the way of doing laundry, cleaning floors and surfaces and we will not stop here.

Any product for the care and cleaning of the house that is not comfortable, safe or easy to use, we will evolve it.

The idea is not to make old products obsolete, but to make them better. Anything that can be made better we will do it.

Collect a Tree product and discover what we mean, easy to transport, easy to use and easy to love. It could change the way you live your home, because we believe that true health can be achieved using natural ingredients.




Since memorable times the use of natural plant remedies have played a fundamental role in the evolution of humanity.

The house was considered a very important place by these cultures, absorbed much of daily life, so a primary role was linked to care, cleanliness and beauty through the use of officinal herbs as a source of expression and gratitude for the generosity of the earth.

This ancient art has been lost for several years, we have chosen to rediscover it, simplify it and adapt it to the present day, innovating and optimizing every single product, to bring to light the same tradition that animated the cultures pass by transferring love, simplicity and truth.

All our products do not contain VOC , alcohol and colors. Every raw material from organic farming is carefully researched and selected through local producers throughout the Italian territory.

The Aloe vera and the Salvia for example we take it along the coast southern Cilento, the Grapefruit , the Orange and the Limone in the plain of Catania, the Peppermint instead in the "town of mint" through the plain surrounding the village of Pancalieri, the Rosmarino in the hilly area of ​​Montevecchia, the Lavanda among the gentle hills of Monferrato, the Lime , the Valerian and the Timo along the Carnic Dolomites in the Sauris valley, the Calendula in Val Venosa and Witch hazel above the Alps.



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