Microfibra 32x32cm

  • Description

    Soft multi-purpose cloth in fine microfibre for all household cleaning.

    Thanks to the fine fibers with a high sound-absorbing power, the Microfibre cloth deeply removes the most stubborn dirt, grease and grease stains, even with just water.

    Easy to rinse and effective on all surfaces, even the most delicate.

    Ideal for cleaning laptop, tablet and smartphone screens.

  • Ingredients

    Professional sound absorbing fiber

    88% polyester and 12% polyamide

  • How To Use

    Dry: For polishing and collecting the smallest dust and dirt.

    Moistened: For degreasing and deep cleaning.

  • What Replace

    It replaces traditional disposable daily accessories, with non-reusable and non-biodegradable volatile chemical compounds, microplastics, oils, fats and soaps that end up in the sea through our discharges, endangering marine fauna and the environment.

  • Where To Throw It

    Code: Hang Tag PAP22

    Destination Disposal: Unsorted

    Check with your country or with the rubbish collection dept. for the correct disposal of this material.

Tree Values

  • High-quality ultra-absorbent fiber in 32 x 32 format
  • Soft to hold
  • A splinter in the hook appears dirty and dust
  • Smarter than the average cloth
  • For all house cleaning

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