Sbianca Smacchia 5Kg

  • Description

    Revive whites, remove stains and sanitize all laundry
    The active oxygen bleach based on percarbonate is a natural whitener, which sanitizes and helps to remove stains from the laundry making it softer. It is capable of reviving yellowed garments and graying, bringing them back to their natural splendor and brightness.

    With antibacterial action, it does not contain VOC, does not contain alcohol and does not contain dyes.

    It is delicate on colored garments, on which it has a sanitizing action. Bleach, stain remover and sanitizes even at low temperatures: already at just 30 ° C it allows washing, generating both energy and hot water savings in the washing machine. It also improves washing in the presence of hard water, allowing to obtain a softer laundry. It does not contain enzymes, surfactants or optical brighteners, either phosphorus or allergens.

  • Ingredients

    Composition (REG. (EC) n. 1272/2008 (CPL): 100% sodium percarbonate. It does not contain enzymes, surfactants or optical brighteners, nor phosphorus or allergens.

    • Physical aspect: Solid white powder
    • Perfume: Characteristic
    • Specific weight: 1.2 Kg / l
    • Ph as it is: about 10
  • How To Use

    Machine wash and hand wash: To carry out normal laundry in the washing machine, we recommend using 2 teaspoons of Sbianca Smacchia da pour into the basket, in addition to the Superconcentrato. Its action is sanitizing and stain remover.
    Double the dose for more stubborn stains.

    Pre-wash: In case you want to act quickly on the spots that appear particularly stubborn it is
    It is possible to soak the items to be washed in lukewarm water with the addition of 2 teaspoons of Sbianca Stain remover and 1 20 cc Superconcentrato cap.

    Stubborn stains: You can pre-treat stubborn stains with pure Sbianca Smacchia before washing. Is just sprinkle them with a little product, moisten with warm water, leave for 10 minutes and then proceed with washing.

    Tips: Do not use Sbianca Smacchia on wool, linen, silk or leather garments. Before using it on dark garments or
    colored, first treat a small hidden part of the garment to see how the fabric reacts use the Sbianca Smacchia safely.

    It is also ideal for: Eliminate odors, degrease the pipes, facilitate the removal of small debris from the dishwasher Cleaning and sanitizing for joints on tiles, ceramics, terracotta, marble and natural stone.

  • What Replace

    It replaces traditional disposable daily detergents, with non-reusable and non-biodegradable volatile chemical compounds, microplastics, oils, fats and soaps that end up in the sea through our discharges, endangering marine fauna and the environment.

  • Where To Throw It

    100% Recycled Plastic Biodegradable, Reusable.

    Destination Disposal: Plastic

    Check with your country or with the rubbish collection dept. for the correct disposal of this material.

Tree values

  • New clothes as before
  • More white you can!
  • The most stubborn stains cannot resist
  • 100% active oxygen sanitizing
  • Naturally vegetable

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