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  • What payment methods can I use on the Online Store?

    The Online Store allows you to make purchases using: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Masterpass, Cash on Delivery (ie payment on delivery).

  • Which Credit Cards do you accept?

    You can buy with the following electronic payment instruments: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, JCB (Japan Credit Bureau).

  • Is it safe to pay by credit card on the Tree Online Store?

    Using a credit card to shop on the Tree Online Store is easy and immediate. To guarantee maximum protection, the transaction will be carried out on PayPal's secure gateway and the bank's support server. The Tree Online Store does not store any Credit Card number but, thanks to the communication system with the PayPal gateway and the bank server, from your second expense, you can make the purchase without entering your data again. Simply choose the ‘Registered Credit Card’ option among the payment methods. All the information you provide to PayPal and the bank will be encrypted using the 3D Secure XML protocol. Transactions made on the Tree Online Store are certified by Mercury Payment Services S.p.A.

  • How does the Cash on delivery, or payment on delivery?

    With the Cash on delivery payment you can buy all the products on the Online Store. Payments on delivery are accepted for purchases for a maximum value of 190 euros. In the case of a shipment with payment on delivery, a small contribution of € 4.90 is required. In the Order Summary screen, before the purchase confirmation, the final price will be displayed, including the contribution. Cash on delivery can be paid in cash by courier and / or by Bancomat via POS Mobile with the NEXIVE courier and is available exclusively for shipments to Italy.

  • How does payment by bank transfer work?

    If you choose to shop on the Online Tree Store by paying by bank transfer, remember to make the payment within 3 days from the order date. After this period, in the absence of a transfer your order will be canceled. Reason: indicates the date and order number, which you can find in the confirmation email. We remind you that your order will be handled only after receipt of the sum on our current account (generally from 1 to 3 working days after making the transfer).

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  • Why does it ask me for a verification code when I insert my card?

    Are you already aware of the new regulation on online payments? It went into effect on January 1, 2021 and requires double verification of your identity called two-factor authentication or Strong Customer Authentication. What is Two-Factor Authentication or Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)? It is one of the main novelties of the new European directive on digital payment services called PSD2 (Payment Services - Directive EU 2015/2366). For online payments, your bank must request a double verification of your identity, called two-factor authentication or Strong Customer Authentication, before authorizing the payment. The two factors necessary for the authorization will be requested by your bank directly on our site during the payment process of your insurance, or if you buy over the phone. An example of two-factor authentication. For example, after entering your credit card details, your bank will send you an OTP code to your mobile phone which you will have to enter online, and subsequently ask you to authorize the operation via the bank's app or to enter a password which only you know (e.g. the one you use to authorize transactions in your internet banking). Haven't used two-factor authentication yet? If you haven't used this method yet, we suggest you check with your bank if your credit card is already enabled for two-factor authentication, and if you have all the credentials and information to authorize online payments.

  • Can I buy via WhatsApp?

    The "Buy with WhatsApp" option will soon be available. It basically consists of supporting more information and guiding the best purchase process for non-card holders, it is not currently possible to buy directly on WhatsApp as the supplier has not activated no online catalog